Physic Homework (Really??) 28/08

I’ve got a physic sheets of homework so after hard time doing with activities after school. i went back home and do the Online quiz which i’ve got it from English class. And suddenly before i going to turn my page to games, i thought of the Physic homework and i started looking around the pages and i’ve found that, this is physic?? Why all the answer were able to solve with divided while i was doing the homework i always think that if i got all wrong because it’s too easy. I spent the times thought about those questions again and again and it cost more time then to finish it all. But today morning after i went to school and talked to my Physic classmate about the homework and she agreed with me so i felt more comfortable with the homework. Because all the questions can be solve without using the formulas. I didn’t underestimate Physics but i thought Physics was too hard for me.


Hard Choices 27/08

Today everything was find and gone well. And in the Physic class which i have got a sheets of homework. After all classes were finish i would run straight to the gym and play basketball but this afternoon i have to practiced dancing for the International Day that is coming on next Monday. As a winner of the Cheer Leading Team competition on last year Sports Day so me as a Blue team cheer leader’s member so the school invited us, the team to dance for this event. I spent time practiced dancing more than playing basketball on that week even the Basketball team also had an appointment to practiced for the Friendly Match that will be happen with another school. It’s a very hard choice to pick one thing and left one thing. Because if i joy the dancing event then I’ll get some additional points for some classes. After I finished the dance i ran to the gym lately and talked with coach which he ask me the simple question Where have you been? I answered him with a comfortable face before he understood me and let me play. In a short time before the gym will be closed. Me and some of the team’s members were having few games but still I’ve done good with that i won all the few games we have had. Before I leave the school and went home.

Sunday 26/08

Sunday, today is Sunday and what i’ve done today? i had study physics and math for 2 hours each i almost die in the class. Because in every Saturday and Sunday i would have a special class for Eng, Math. Physics, and Aviation history, yeah my dream is to become Pilot, i wanted to be a Captain. In the class the teacher had drilled us in Physics in the first 3 hours which started at 10 to 12 O Clock it was horrible because there seem like everyone in the class knew what teacher has spoken expect me but i tried my best to understood him. When we finished the class i felt so damn low. And also same situation happened in the Math Class T T…

Aids House 25/08

Today is Sat day i usually spend time on my monitor but today I’ve got a chance to did something else rather than just to play computer games. Today i went to school at the morning because me and my friends were having appointment to go to Aid kid patients house which it’s at Lop-Buri. We used about 4 hours in the intensely hot van(hotter then yesterday’s). After i reached there we prepared things that we were going to donate for them. While we were waiting for the children to finish their lunch, i could see some kids within under 5 ages then i started to feel sorry and pity for them that they were just born to wait to their days. it’s kind of unfair, why do these kids have to know or take the responsible of someone’s mistook? Where are their freedom of choice? And so many understandable question ran into my head. After their lunch finished we and those kids did some activities and we very enjoyed to each other but still i could see some smile less face of some of those kids. I wished i could help them some way.

Visit Mahidol University 24/08

Today i have prepared nothing but student uniform for school because today me and my friends were going to Mahidol University, at Sa-la-ya. i thought that we would leave the school at morning as usual but no i had to study the first second classes…

On the way to Mahidol. i’d like to call it as hell, there was something wrong with the van’s ac(air conditioner), when the van was running the wind stop blowing and when its blew the hot wind came out but after an hour ac became cooler or i used to it whatever. when we reached Mahidol, it was large and huge more than i have thought at first. the school made up the program for us to visit there but there was no interesting faculty that i wanted to see so me and my group decided to separate out from the group and walk on our own to the faculty that we were interested in. For Mahidol we say that their Music faculty is the most famous faculty and also Doctor. So we headed there to the music faculty building. After we walked up to the building i was surprised that why there were student which still in the middle or high school around here that much? And when we walked around the building i noticed that there was a music played along with us, like we were in the movie. That was the thing very impressed me.

Back to China 23/08

At the morning i woke up late because of misunderstand that i would go to the airport to send my brother back to China but no today i will go to school! So i quickly shower and drive the fast to school but immediately i reached to school my cell phone is rang and its my brother. i thought that i just called me for say good bye or something like that but its not, he said that his books were in my car which it’s true i found the pack of books was lied on my feet…. So i had to get back to my home again to return the book to my brother but i’m not going to go to school again. So i decided to go and send my brother to Suwannabumi Airport. Maybe some say why didn’t you get back to school after get back from the airport? i would say my brother’s flight was at midday or 12 o clock and if i go to school after that there would be only 1 and a 2 classes left and the school is far from my house. So good luck Bro!

Last night before his going 22/08

i forgot to tell you before i started this daily writing, i have one brother who was just came back from study in China. He is already back here for one month and tomorrow it’s his time to go for the third year in university at China, Harbin. So after i finished from the school and i went home normally but after a while there was our cousin invited us to go out to eat something before my brother’s travel back which is tomorrow morning. My cousin drive us to some where in RuchChaDa there is a bistro called Gyu Gyu Tei, i found out that is kind of grill food which i have to grill it myself to eat like other store but there are somethings that are not usual, there are the beef, their beef is not like other store i have ate because when i eat it the beef is like melting in my mouth, and there is also the vegetable to eat with the beef or pork which that was the first time i noticed that meal and vegetable could get along together. Me and my brother liked it and its the great dinner for us.