What a Tired day??

Today After i woke up with extremely sleepy at morning, i had to post up the diary from yesterday why dun know why or what’s wrong with the web site or it’s my bad but i spent 3 hours last night to post it but i didn’t work so i went to sleep. After i posted, immediately went to school. There were quizzes for some class which is still okay for me but i had to practice basketball in the afternoon for get ready to have a Student Vs. Teacher match which happen in every year. After finish all the event at school i got back home with hopefully to rest and enjoy the little rest time of the day. But!! there were still a lot of homework(including this) that i had to finish soon as i could. And finally i finished all and tried to do what i hoped. But!!(Again) there were a few big work from my dad’s apartment to do and now its already far from my bed time. Good night.


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