My Day 17/08

i’m getting serious of the web site. Why the web site was not working on someday?? And why some of my posts were not post able? Forgot about it.

After i reminded all the team members in basketball team about the match that we going to have today. i was nervous and uncomfortable for no reason. i felt down and don’t want to play the game. The more the times went by i felt more uncomfortable with unexplainable. And finally the school time was end and the game time was starting. I changed my uniform with confusion of my feeling. But when i went up to the gym and walked pass the basketball court i felt like “i have to do this, because this is my last year.” I was at the first five from the team. This time i was played in the point guard position. And my day began on that time.

2 Second after the ref blew his whistle the first score of the game was happened by me, with a taped from the jump ball helped me reached the ring faster. During the game, it was the most horrible time of my life the ref was a PE teacher and he gave some strange signal to those teacher, after a while i was starting to know what does the signal meant because every time i tried to run in to the basket and tried to make it foul, there weren’t any sound of whistle from the ref but it as blow for teachers’ team often. Three quarters went by disadvantaged of our team. But the last quarter, me and my team tried our best and hardest to win the game. Until the last half minute of the game our tried was succeed. We decreased the space of the scores into few points which were 62 – 63, we’re following. In the last 9 seconds i could stolen the ball the run right the way to the ring and made up the lay – up with foul in. And we won the game at last, and i just know that we are the third students’ team who could win the teachers team since the school was begin. And that’s since 1999.


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