Travel To Gan-Ja-Na-Buri 18/08

Before morning of this day. i went out with my brothers to the pub near my house for relax after the match. i had a lot of new experiences and friends. we were enjoyed and forgot that at the morning, we had to travel to Gan-Ja-Na-Buri.

At the morning me and my brothers woke up early as possible which is 10:00 AM and start travel to Gan with my family. During the way to Gan all i could do were sleep, and eat. We spent 3-4 hours to reached there. the hotel name is Mida golf club because it’s a golf club with a nice safe house. we went out to night market and few places before went back to the safe house. And we played cards during the game there were academy of Miss World and the winner is Miss from China but i preferred more from England, America, and India. And we played till the morning of the next day.


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