Travel To Gan-Ja-Na-Buri 2 19/08

At morning i woke up soon after slept for few hours to ate the breakfast. i felt good with my new shoes what i bought from the night market last night. After breakfast me and my group were sat there and plan for the next place to visit before went back home. The first place we went was dam but i can’t remember now what is it name. After we enjoyed the beauty of the dam then we went to visit the place that they used to film the movie Pra-Na-Ray-Suan which we used time there so much because that place is huge and there are many interesting things(if you interested in Thailand’s history you should try to go sometimes). It was late afternoon after we left there so we headed to Bangkok right away and during way back we found the bistro name Sab-Ver there were many Thai foods with great test(recommended). And that night after i reached home for while i was going to type these down but there was some error happened so…ImageImage


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