Back to China 23/08

At the morning i woke up late because of misunderstand that i would go to the airport to send my brother back to China but no today i will go to school! So i quickly shower and drive the fast to school but immediately i reached to school my cell phone is rang and its my brother. i thought that i just called me for say good bye or something like that but its not, he said that his books were in my car which it’s true i found the pack of books was lied on my feet…. So i had to get back to my home again to return the book to my brother but i’m not going to go to school again. So i decided to go and send my brother to Suwannabumi Airport. Maybe some say why didn’t you get back to school after get back from the airport? i would say my brother’s flight was at midday or 12 o clock and if i go to school after that there would be only 1 and a 2 classes left and the school is far from my house. So good luck Bro!


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