Last night before his going 22/08

i forgot to tell you before i started this daily writing, i have one brother who was just came back from study in China. He is already back here for one month and tomorrow it’s his time to go for the third year in university at China, Harbin. So after i finished from the school and i went home normally but after a while there was our cousin invited us to go out to eat something before my brother’s travel back which is tomorrow morning. My cousin drive us to some where in RuchChaDa there is a bistro called Gyu Gyu Tei, i found out that is kind of grill food which i have to grill it myself to eat like other store but there are somethings that are not usual, there are the beef, their beef is not like other store i have ate because when i eat it the beef is like melting in my mouth, and there is also the vegetable to eat with the beef or pork which that was the first time i noticed that meal and vegetable could get along together. Me and my brother liked it and its the great dinner for us.


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