Visit Mahidol University 24/08

Today i have prepared nothing but student uniform for school because today me and my friends were going to Mahidol University, at Sa-la-ya. i thought that we would leave the school at morning as usual but no i had to study the first second classes…

On the way to Mahidol. i’d like to call it as hell, there was something wrong with the van’s ac(air conditioner), when the van was running the wind stop blowing and when its blew the hot wind came out but after an hour ac became cooler or i used to it whatever. when we reached Mahidol, it was large and huge more than i have thought at first. the school made up the program for us to visit there but there was no interesting faculty that i wanted to see so me and my group decided to separate out from the group and walk on our own to the faculty that we were interested in. For Mahidol we say that their Music faculty is the most famous faculty and also Doctor. So we headed there to the music faculty building. After we walked up to the building i was surprised that why there were student which still in the middle or high school around here that much? And when we walked around the building i noticed that there was a music played along with us, like we were in the movie. That was the thing very impressed me.


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