Aids House 25/08

Today is Sat day i usually spend time on my monitor but today I’ve got a chance to did something else rather than just to play computer games. Today i went to school at the morning because me and my friends were having appointment to go to Aid kid patients house which it’s at Lop-Buri. We used about 4 hours in the intensely hot van(hotter then yesterday’s). After i reached there we prepared things that we were going to donate for them. While we were waiting for the children to finish their lunch, i could see some kids within under 5 ages then i started to feel sorry and pity for them that they were just born to wait to their days. it’s kind of unfair, why do these kids have to know or take the responsible of someone’s mistook? Where are their freedom of choice? And so many understandable question ran into my head. After their lunch finished we and those kids did some activities and we very enjoyed to each other but still i could see some smile less face of some of those kids. I wished i could help them some way.


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