Hard Choices 27/08

Today everything was find and gone well. And in the Physic class which i have got a sheets of homework. After all classes were finish i would run straight to the gym and play basketball but this afternoon i have to practiced dancing for the International Day that is coming on next Monday. As a winner of the Cheer Leading Team competition on last year Sports Day so me as a Blue team cheer leader’s member so the school invited us, the team to dance for this event. I spent time practiced dancing more than playing basketball on that week even the Basketball team also had an appointment to practiced for the Friendly Match that will be happen with another school. It’s a very hard choice to pick one thing and left one thing. Because if i joy the dancing event then I’ll get some additional points for some classes. After I finished the dance i ran to the gym lately and talked with coach which he ask me the simple question Where have you been? I answered him with a comfortable face before he understood me and let me play. In a short time before the gym will be closed. Me and some of the team’s members were having few games but still I’ve done good with that i won all the few games we have had. Before I leave the school and went home.


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