Physic Homework (Really??) 28/08

I’ve got a physic sheets of homework so after hard time doing with activities after school. i went back home and do the Online quiz which i’ve got it from English class. And suddenly before i going to turn my page to games, i thought of the Physic homework and i started looking around the pages and i’ve found that, this is physic?? Why all the answer were able to solve with divided while i was doing the homework i always think that if i got all wrong because it’s too easy. I spent the times thought about those questions again and again and it cost more time then to finish it all. But today morning after i went to school and talked to my Physic classmate about the homework and she agreed with me so i felt more comfortable with the homework. Because all the questions can be solve without using the formulas. I didn’t underestimate Physics but i thought Physics was too hard for me.


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