LET’S ROCK 25/09

Today me and my band were planed to practiced for a Festival which is coming on November. WE have selected five songs there are two Thai songs, and two English songs. After school i went out to lard-Praw 107. There was a building which there are few practice room. We started there at 16:30. This is the band that i enjoyed and could be able to get along well with the most. Our practiced went great even we all did mistake in different time but we still play with nonstop. Andi believe this band would be able to go higher than just a normal high school student band.


Visit Chulalongkorn University 21/09

Today all the Senior had a visiting program that went to Chulalongkorn University. We went there for only in BALAC faculty. But less people seem to be interested about that. They have shown and presented us a presentation and slide show. After the meeting was finished me and some of my friend decided to stay there and get back home with ourselves. So we enjoyed and walked around Siam Paragon and waited for cinema theater. We watched a movie “Bork-lao 9 sop”. It’s about a mention problem women which fall in love with a guy and decide herself to marry but it’s not what a guy wants, so she suicide her own self. Yeah it’s a ghost movie. We finished the movie during afternoon and there was still a time so we went to Lad-praw and ate noodles. After that we all went to Preaw’s house to played some card games before we went back home.

What a traffic jam??? 18/09

Just another day i woke up late and also late for the school, but i still got into the first class which i had the quiz. The rain started to fall since afternoon when i was just finished the school. The rain fell heavier and i couldn’t walk to the front gate so i played basketball with my friends at the gym. And finally we could find the way to go to Big C as what i and my friends have hoped. We went there by Tum’s car his father ride there for us. But the rain was still falling so we decided to wait for it to stop but it wasn’t seem like, but suddenly the rain fell less and seem like going to stop so we suddenly went out from Big C and went home. On my way home I got a hour to reach home usually i would use only 10-20 minutes. I don’t know why even there wasn’t any accident on the road but i never understand how the cars seem to be more when it’s rain even there are just the same amount as when there is no rain.

Happy Birth Day Ms. Shiela 17/09

Today was wake up late maybe because i was on the phone last night and i went late to my bed. So this morning i reached the school during the first period. Just for a 20-30 minutes before the class’s end. I walked out to see some of my friend and suddenly i found Ms. Shiela and I started to sing myself automatically a Happy Birth Day song, my friends were sing along with me. And during lunch time i was playing basketball and suddenly Journalism class pop up in my head and i suddenly stopped and ran to the Journalism class. When i saw the class it was full of students and sounds, they were having a party and big smile appeared on my face and I quickly walked into the class. I was surprise that Ms. Shiela still remember the punishment that she said I and Earth are going to dance on her Birthday Party. But it’s a bit wrong from what i have thought, the whole class danced and sang along with me. And we as a Senior sang “Just the way you are” as her birth day gift and seem like Ms. Shiela also like it(don’t you?). It was the funniest and unexplainable party of my life. Happy Birth Day Ms. Shiela

Sick Day 15/09

I had Aviation class at 10:00 AM and i went home after 2 hours after that. When i reached home i found my mother laying down on sofa, i suddenly knew that she was sick. I gave her some medicines and ofter checked her situation. She had high blood pressure and headache. I has rested for few hours before decided to took a sleepy peel and go to bed. After a while i went to her bed i got a call from her and she said my grand mother(which just finished eating and went to bed also) threw up and she wanted me to took care of her. So i did the same thing as what i’ve did to my mother.

Resident Evil 14/09

Today i’m feeling not so fresh, maybe i’m tired from late night. But today there were also three teachers that were absence. So i was sleep at the first period, that teacher was absence. I’ve yawned for almost million times. So i decided to play basketball in the gym at lunch time but i forgot that i had to wear the formal uniform for the Journalism class so i earlier stop and dried up myself before i changed my shirt and waited for the Journalism class. Our group interview are about Mr.Adonnis and Ms.Tess but i do really sorry that Mr.Adonnis couldn’t be our interviewee so we would have to change someone who we can interview. After school finsih we headed to the cinema to watch the movie, “Resident Evil 5” Its kind a short movie with a 90 minutes long but usually there would be 2 hours or more. But still it my favorite movie since I episode.

Naeeeee SLD 13/09

Today I was almost late on my bible class at morning. Teacher usually give us the question to ourselves after the class were finish. I like Thursday of every weeks because most of the boys would go to military training so there would be more less boys than girls. And specially today, there were three teacher were absence so I’ve got 3 chill out classes. So I chose to do Thai subject homework which is Mother’s Day Card that i’ve missed. I made up poems with two stanzas. My friend said that it’s a great poem but i felt funny when i read it. And in PE we have tested on passing to another i did well 12/12. And after the test we had some games Boys Vs. girls and boys won. I still wondering how could girls passed the test with high score 10, 11, some were 12 but they couldn’t hit back any ball my team have served.