Blue Vs. Red 31/08

Today i’ve got a match for a RAIS Sports day which there are 4 colors Blue, Green, Red ,and Yellow. We are going to pick the first two matches to know that who are willing get the chance to compete for the first. For example today we had Green Vs. Yellow in basketball senior and Green were winner. So Blue and Red were going to fight and the winner of the fight will compete with Green for the No.1 Trophy of Basketball Sports day. According to what i have said Green was already win to Yellow and they got a ticket to fight for the No.1 Trophy. So now it’s my turn to compete with Red. In the game there were a lot of confusion and challenge, we start the game so bad. The Red team which contained a lot of good basketball players(few are the school team’s member), and other sport players. But for Blue Team’s first five there were 5 players(including me,) and one of them was hurt his right hand also he is right handle, 2 of them were beginners for basketball, and last one was the one who know nothing about basketball except how to make a score which he can’t. We got 2 half, 30 minutes games. During the time we play our members had been substitute in and out but not for me, it’s been a longest half a hour of my life. I and my team tried the best to make a good play but it wasn’t that good. At the end of the first half. Our scores were a lot disadvantage the Red team leaded us for 14 points which I never expect to saw that. And in the last half, I and my team kept making the scores as much as possible we could, with the cheerful sounds from the sits and the power of the team members the game started to change at the last minute, and we won the match. I truly thought that the game with Red team would be more easier then this but we won with the most tired time in our lives. The score was B 45 – R 38. And only things I knew after the game were i was MVP, and i did 35 points in that game.


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