Prepare for International Day 03/09

In our school there is a day for any countries, people, and religions. It’s called International day,
which classes will get their theme of each country that they have to represent that country with dressing, speech, and to create the model of the things that relate to the country that you’ve got on your door class which called door decoration, these events were for competed between classes to see the harmony between the students in each classes. And also i had to practice for dancing in the International Day. After the school was finish i ran into the gum as usual and played basketball, an hour later, I decided to go home because that time was so late and there wouldn’t be anybody up on the building except the maid. But with the unreasonable i ran up to my classes and i surprised that almost everybody that belong in my class were there decorating the door i started to smile and went to help them to finish the work.


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