Naeeeee SLD 13/09

Today I was almost late on my bible class at morning. Teacher usually give us the question to ourselves after the class were finish. I like Thursday of every weeks because most of the boys would go to military training so there would be more less boys than girls. And specially today, there were three teacher were absence so I’ve got 3 chill out classes. So I chose to do Thai subject homework which is Mother’s Day Card that i’ve missed. I made up poems with two stanzas. My friend said that it’s a great poem but i felt funny when i read it. And in PE we have tested on passing to another i did well 12/12. And after the test we had some games Boys Vs. girls and boys won. I still wondering how could girls passed the test with high score 10, 11, some were 12 but they couldn’t hit back any ball my team have served.


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