Resident Evil 14/09

Today i’m feeling not so fresh, maybe i’m tired from late night. But today there were also three teachers that were absence. So i was sleep at the first period, that teacher was absence. I’ve yawned for almost million times. So i decided to play basketball in the gym at lunch time but i forgot that i had to wear the formal uniform for the Journalism class so i earlier stop and dried up myself before i changed my shirt and waited for the Journalism class. Our group interview are about Mr.Adonnis and Ms.Tess but i do really sorry that Mr.Adonnis couldn’t be our interviewee so we would have to change someone who we can interview. After school finsih we headed to the cinema to watch the movie, “Resident Evil 5” Its kind a short movie with a 90 minutes long but usually there would be 2 hours or more. But still it my favorite movie since I episode.


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