Happy Birth Day Ms. Shiela 17/09

Today was wake up late maybe because i was on the phone last night and i went late to my bed. So this morning i reached the school during the first period. Just for a 20-30 minutes before the class’s end. I walked out to see some of my friend and suddenly i found Ms. Shiela and I started to sing myself automatically a Happy Birth Day song, my friends were sing along with me. And during lunch time i was playing basketball and suddenly Journalism class pop up in my head and i suddenly stopped and ran to the Journalism class. When i saw the class it was full of students and sounds, they were having a party and big smile appeared on my face and I quickly walked into the class. I was surprise that Ms. Shiela still remember the punishment that she said I and Earth are going to dance on her Birthday Party. But it’s a bit wrong from what i have thought, the whole class danced and sang along with me. And we as a Senior sang “Just the way you are” as her birth day gift and seem like Ms. Shiela also like it(don’t you?). It was the funniest and unexplainable party of my life. Happy Birth Day Ms. Shiela


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