What a traffic jam??? 18/09

Just another day i woke up late and also late for the school, but i still got into the first class which i had the quiz. The rain started to fall since afternoon when i was just finished the school. The rain fell heavier and i couldn’t walk to the front gate so i played basketball with my friends at the gym. And finally we could find the way to go to Big C as what i and my friends have hoped. We went there by Tum’s car his father ride there for us. But the rain was still falling so we decided to wait for it to stop but it wasn’t seem like, but suddenly the rain fell less and seem like going to stop so we suddenly went out from Big C and went home. On my way home I got a hour to reach home usually i would use only 10-20 minutes. I don’t know why even there wasn’t any accident on the road but i never understand how the cars seem to be more when it’s rain even there are just the same amount as when there is no rain.


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